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Friday, December 3, 2010

beads and nupps.

I fell hard off my yarn diet in the past few weeks. I had been doing great all year and mostly only knitting from my stash (except for the sock yarn mill end binges) but I got sucked into two great sales this week - two yarn stores going out of business with stock at 40% and 50% off. I can't resist yarn if it is 30+% off. I'm a yarn whore. I've got about $175 worth of sale yarn on it's way to me now... shhhhh, don't tell anyone. It'll be our little secret.

In knitting news, I'm doing the Advent Calendar Scarf which, even though we are only on day 3 (and I'm still on day 1) includes a bunch of stuff that I don't know how to do - like adding beads to my knitting and something confounding called NUPPS. But I am using stsh yarn AND stash beads! Go me!

I hope to catch up through day 3 tonight after work.

Last night was the annual Arts & Drafts holiday party and it was awesome. I put 4 gifts into the swap - two hand knit hats, a sock yarn book with some Shibui sock yarn (Yarn on Stage colorway) and some stainless DPNs, and a bag of 10 skeins of Araucania Atacama (100% alpaca). I ended up getting the BEST gift in the swap - although I had to use some strong arm tactics to make sure I ended up going home with it.

Shant's giant round scrap blanket which was inspired by my own huge scrap blanket. I am so happy!


Laurel Violet under the blanket and Olive wondering what the hell is going on!