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Friday, July 2, 2010

The definition of insanity.

I've been collecting luxury sock yarn mill ends for my enormous sock yarn blanket - Koigu, Colinette Jitterbug, Cherry Tree Hill, Pagewood Farms. Some of the mill ends are not big enough for complete pattern repeats on the big blanket. Also, some of the odds & ends donations I've received from friends are gorgeous but are just a few yards of lovely yarn.

And these smaller bits of beautiful yarn have been taunting me.

My solution?

Start another sock yarn blanket!!!

This time I cast on for the "pram baby blanket" size - 127 stitches (versus the 361 stitches on the big blanket).

The big blanket is about 5 feet wide and will end up being 7 feet long. The smaller version will end up being 54cm x 66cm (whatever the hell that is in inches??)...

So far it is a quick and satisfying knit, and with another pound of Pagewood Farm mill ends on their way to me (along with some additional odds & ends donations) who knows if this one will be my last, or just my first.