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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The not so successful plaster of paris/dog print experiment/tutorial

As my dogs near the end of their lives I keep coming back to the idea of casting their paws. Today I gave it a try - and while it was fun, it wasn't 100% successful.

Start with:
plaster of paris
disposable pie tins
a bowl
a measuring cup
a spoon
some towels (unfortunately this was an afterthought)
optional: bead letters

Mix the plaster with cold water - follow the directions on the plaster container. For this brand it was 2 parts plaster to one part water.

Mix until smooth.

Pour into disposable tins and tap gently to pop any remaining air bubbles and even the plaster out in the tin.

Attempt #1:

I let the plaster sit for 10 minutes. It got too hard and I was unable to easily jam Jezebel's paw into it.


Attempt #2:

After spending a while wiping plaster dog prints off the floor of the entire house, I went and got some spare towels. On my second batch - I poured a little extra plaster into a tin and pushed my finger into it every few minutes. I waited until the plaster was firm enough to hold an imprint but not too watery (and hopefully caught it before it got too hard).

Before trying to again, I put some towels on the floor.

While not perfect, the result was a lot better.

I did Lola's paw too but I ambushed her while she was eating a bone on the couch (and didn't get a photo of it). Her's came out pretty well too.

I ended by thoroughly cleaning the dog paws with a towel and warm water. Didn't want them to ingest the plaster and this helps to keep it from getting all over the house.

Lola's is out drying on the back porch and I'll update this post once I see the final result. I'm going to keep experimenting.... so stay tuned.... I think my next attempt will be with clay instead of plaster.