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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glass Club FTW!

My beautiful pal Shanti Deva runs a class called Glass Club. She opens up her home and glass studio and allows you (for a fee, of course) to come in and learn about fused glass. It is incredibly fun and I love learning new crafts.

My first attempt was an exercise in texture. My plan was to do all clear glass but I ended up including a lot of iridescent pieces. A pre-fired photo is below. The end result (not pictured) is a cool bowl with lots of interesting reflections and some texture.

My plan for my second visit was to do another monochrome piece (all red or all blue) but after watching Serena building Mount Fuji on her glass plate, I got all inspired and ended up with a sacred heart.

I love Glass Club.

In sweater news, my February Lady Sweater is chugging along nicely. I just finished the 9th lace repeat. I'm trying to do one lace repeat (4 rows) per day. I just started into my 3rd skein of yarn and should have enough to dedicate 1/2 a skein to each sleeve.