Kitty Kitty Bang Bang AKA Knitty Knitty Bang Bang.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

November To-Do List

• Order another skein of Apricot Malabrigo Chunky (Sugar Maple for Norma)
• Finish Sugar Maple shawl for Norma
• Finish Daybreak for Heather
• Finish Through the Loops Mystery socks (must be done be the end of November in order to be eligible for prizes)

• Finish sleeves on Pinwheel sweater
• Start sleeves on Garter Yoke sweater
• Purchase Ball/Mason jars for gifts for crafty A&D gals
• Lace edging on Ulmus shawl
• Make sure I have needles for Scrunchable Scarf, Dean Street Hat & Chunky Foliage hat (1 set of #10.5 DPNs, 16" #10.5, 16" #9. 16" #10, #10 DPNs. Scarf: #11 or #10.5)
• Cast on for Scrunchable Scarf & Dean Street Hat for CWS (Malabrigo Chunky - Paris Night)
• Cast on for Chunky Foliage hat (left over Malabrigo Chunky - Apricot)
• Knit eyeball scarf for Bohunk
• Pack up cocktail sets for Bohunk & Fierce Cupcake