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Monday, September 7, 2009

Handmade Nation!!

A bunch of the Arts & Drafts gals went to the Austin premier of Handmade Nation yesterday at the Alamo. Most of us had VIP tickets which entitled us to a great goody bag full or crafty treats and VIP seating! Yeah.

We had such a good time.

We got to see some awesome knit graffiti by the Knitta Please gals.

Alicia & Serena, AKA some of my knittas!!

There was a craft fair beforehand where I resisted spending a zillion dollars. (I did buy a baby gift for one of my employees who is expecting, but other than that I managed to be happy with the contents of my goody bag.)

The movie was great - and very inspirational. Made me want to move to Providence IMMEDIATELY! Seems like a lot of cool stuff is going on in Rhode Island, and of course - in the Pacific Northwest. The movie - overall - made me feel really happy to be part of such a diverse, talented and prolific community of crafty ladies (and gentlemen).

I'm working today, which is not so bad. Before work I got to have breakfast with CWS (before he went to sleep for the day) and take a second stab at an estate sale that I went to on Saturday. Everything was 2/3 off today and I scored one of the paintings that I have been coveting since Saturday. Apparently I missed the other Jesus painting by minutes today. Grrrrrr!!

This painting was painted in 1959 (according to the signature) and I think it might be Moses (based on the stone tablets, and the fact that the background could be a parted Red Sea). But it could be Jesus too. Who knows.