Kitty Kitty Bang Bang AKA Knitty Knitty Bang Bang.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I heart rearranging yarn!

After coming to terms with the fact that three giant drawers of sock yarn were not going to fit into the new dental cabinet, I mulled it over for a few days, and then came up with a new plan.

The jelly cabinet in the living room is now the new home for all fiber, yarn remnants/scraps and the yarn needed to finish any works in progress (plus the doomed sweater that I started for Nathan but never finished due to the SWEATER CURSE that I blame for our breakup). The top drawers of the dentist cabinet became the new home for needles. One drawer for bamboo. One for metal. The old needle home - the bottom drawer of the antique sewing cabinet - now houses my small stash of lace weight yarn. In the bottom few drawers of the dental cabinet - I carefully arranged all of my unfinished projects. The big bottom drawer for sweaters (4 of them. OUCH) and the drawers above that for smaller things - socks, scarves, hats, etc. Most of the sock yarn went back into the three original drawers but I made one special drawer for self-striping/self-patterning sock yarns, and one drawer for my name-brand lovelies (Colinette Jitterbug, Koigu, Shibui, Malabrigo, blah blah).

All in all - I feel successful in my rearranging and using the dentist cabinet for things that suit it's limited drawer space/size. Plus I got to fondle all my yarn which always makes me extra happy.

I've been meaning to do a big WIPs post to expose my shamefully large pile of unfinished project to the world. Maybe I'll do that tonight...