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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

shoes, rebounds, reknitting

My fancy Betsey Johnson shoes (and my pasty calf pre-new tattoo) and a glimpse of the Joey socks (at the wedding we went to together a couple of weekends back):

The subject of my ill-advised office romance/rebound (of many many months ago) moved back into his old cube - which happens to be right by mine. I extended an olive branch - in the form of an ecard that said "I SHAT WHERE I EAT" but - as usual, there was no response. Oh well, we'll just go on with our previous plan of pretending the other doesn't exist, and the occasional muttered hello when necessary.

CWS and I had a great time on our trip to Kansas, despite that I had to come to terms with the fact that the socks I am making for him were at least an inch too big. So I had to rip back to before the heels were turned. Many many many hours/days of work lost. I managed to turn the heels again (one took me upwards of SEVEN HOURS during our drive home...) and am working my way back up the legs, again.