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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yarn School!!

I'm off to Harveyville, Kansas tomorrow for Spring Yarn School. I'm totally excited. I'm arriving a day early and leaving a day late so I'll have a bunch of time to relax and knit and hang out with Nikol. My original plan was to get a knitting tattoo by Ron while I was in Kansas so I planned a longer trip - but Ron is in Europe on tour with Kid Congo Powers, so no tattoo for me this time around. Joey and I have been talking about taking a road trip to Harveyville in the near future and new tattoos might be a good reason to get it actually planned.

As with any trip, but especially on this one when when I'll have a fair amount of down time, I'm concerned about which knitting projects to pack. Unfortunately, a lot of my current projects are huge - mostly sweaters that just need sleeves. If the yarn for Joey's socks shows up today I'll work on those. That would rock. If not, I'm not sure what to pack at this point. (ETA: Got home and found that the yarn for Joey's socks had arrived! YEAH! Kick ass!!)

I want to cast on for a pinwheel blanket for Alex & Lisa's new baby. I've been eying a skein of Miss Bab's Worsted "Yowza" (in colorway Iris) from my stash. The pinwheel cast on/start is so fiddly that is might be a good plane ride task.

ETA: replaced photo of yarn colorway with photo of work in progress. Cast on while at Yarn School.

The last time I went to Yarn School. I lost my mind. Literally. It was the beginning of a decline into insanity, recovery, new medications, a couple new therapists (individual and couples), and eventually - all that led to me being single now. In retrospect it is pretty clear that I was profoundly depressed, lonely and unhappy when I left for Yarn School and the combination of the other-worldliness of Harveyville plus a guy who had some massive triggers for me (tattooed neck, ex-addict/recovery, CHEF, dog, literate, blah blah fucking blah) led me down the big bad obsession rabbit hole.

This time - I'm living a whole new life, and it feels strange, but good. If you had asked me before that first Yarn School what 2009 would look like - I pretty much thought I would be knocked up by now - or married - or at least still with my ex. I would never have guessed single, dating, having a roommate, looking for a new partner in crime. Funny how things change. I doubt that I'll be any better at spinning this time around but I'm open to learning!