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Friday, May 1, 2009

big crafting news!

The big crafting news is that Shanti finished her amazing crochet 7" record blanket last night. It is a 1:1 scale so it ended up as 7 feet across! This thing took her forever and it is an amazing accomplishment. Even more exciting is that she told me that I'm next on her list. I'm getting a granny square blanket! I am so blessed!!

The weekly Arts & Drafts meeting continues (after more than 2 years) to be a highlight of my week. I hear that from a lot of other people too. I would never have been able to make it through the last 6+ months without the companionship and support of my Thursday knitters (and crocheters and needlepointers et al).

Last night Joey & I had a knitting lesson. He is a natural (which doesn't surprise me since he is so talented in other areas that require hand/eye coordination. And that isn't a dirty joke. Joey is an incredibly talented artist. More info here.)

Trey Jones took some lovely photos last night. The full set is here.

Joey, Mimi, Alicia and Lisa all engrossed in their work:

And a couple of me: