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Monday, April 20, 2009

WIPs. a sampling.

Socks for Joey.

These socks have been a freaking emotional roller coaster. There have been massive tangles in both balls of yarn and it looks pretty certain that there is absolutely no way I'll have enough yarn to actually finish them. This is all pretty ironic considering the emotional ups and down, and unfinished business that lingers around my feelings for Joey.

Not sure what is going to happen to these socks. Currently I am hiding from them.

Owls sweater.

Ravelry link.

I'm making this as a cardigan. I'm going to put red glowing eyes onto one of the owls on the cowl.

Pinwheel sweater.

Ravelry link.

This has been a chore. First, I think it is ass ugly. But I really want to finish it. I actually bound off the body on Thursday at Arts & Drafts and discovered it wouldn't fit over my ample breasts. So I had to fucking pick out the bind off edge and get all those 100s of stitches back on the needles.

This sweater is an asshole.