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Thursday, April 23, 2009

sock yarn solution

I'm committed to finishing these damn socks for Joey.

I've looked all over for more of the yarn (Spirit Trail, Alexandra, in colorway Thunder Mountain) and have been totally unsuccessful. I asked the dyer, the shop that I bought it from, and any other shops that have carried that yarn, have posted on the Spirit Trail forum on Ravelry and checked out a million Ravelry stashes.


So I'm doing the next best thing which is using a yarn that is slightly similar (in the same color family) to finish them.

Here is a relatively accurate - color wise - photo of the socks:

I bought a skein of Shubui Sock yarn is colorway Tweed:

I think I'll do a couple of stripes between colors and then do the end of the feet/toes in the Tweed.

Stay tuned.

Joey said today that his preferred color palette is various shades of asphalt and homeless. So I think I'm on the right track.

Ironically, Tweed is the same yarn that used to make the Transition Gloves for Ellen: